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Laughlin BWC here I come!
Publicado en:1 Marzo 2021 12:35 am
Última actualización en:13 Abril 2021 4:38 am
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I have figured it out! I'm going to Laughlin have a few drinks then find me a big cock white boy to take to my room. Since I'm more then tipsy he decides to take advantage of the situation. I sit on the bed while he fixes us a couple of drinks, he turns around and sees me laying back and thinks I'm asleep. He sits beside me depressed and talks to himself sayng "damn, my cocks all hard thinking it was gonna fuck some black cunt" I say "please don't leave I have always wanted to be fucked a good white cock" "please give it to me, breed me"
My pussy is yours enjoy it. Give me something to remember. Tomorrow when I take my long drive home, I will touch my tender pussy until I cum so good it makes all your seed that you gave so deep in me start to slide out allowing me to keep playing while I remember how good that white man gave it to me.
Yes, I'll admit it, I want to have a white mans cock in me.
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Looking for that BWC
Publicado en:24 Febrero 2021 3:39 am
Última actualización en:27 Abril 2021 2:50 am
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Yes, I'm gonna get it. Soon, I'll get a room have a few cocktails then lay down on the bed to take a nap. I think I left the door ajar, hmmm maybe not. Did I hear something... probably not. As I am sinking into my dream state I realize I am horny as fuck. I dream that my tits are being rubbed, sucked and nibbled damn it feels good I don't want to wake up. I need them sucked harder my dream compiles. He rolls me over, puts a pillow under me, my pussy is wide open his finger dances around my clit, wait that's his dick, I'm so slippery wet and so needy for his cock to enter me. What a beautiful dream he slides his cock in slow and easy please stop teasing this is my dream and in need it deep and wild. My dream chuckles and says you've always wanted a big white cock well now you're getting it my way. OMG it is big it's slowly stretching my pussy I don't think I can take it all oh fuck me. Dream boy us totally seated in my pussy now he is grinding saying how heloves a nice tight black pussy. He asks if I love being fucked by a white stranger Yes, Yes Yes. He's driving me crazy as he slowly slides his cock out and back in over and over , I plead with him for more I need more. Dream says don't worry I'm going to tear this black pussy up and with no warning he is like a piston each time going deeper and deeper. Until he lets out a loud groan and goes deeper then ever I feel his body tense and his cock pulse as he covers my insides with liquid heat. I feel his after shocks squeezing out each little drops. He collapses on me to catch his breath. His cock is soft now, he gets off me and that amazing cock pops out. I wimper and go deeper into my sleep. I wake feeling amazing thinking about that perfect dream. I touch my nipples ,they are nice and tender I reach down my clit is tingly tender I see a note it has a phone number and reads "your pussy belongs to me now" Yes I guess it does I can't wait till he gives me more.
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I dream...
Publicado en:22 Enero 2021 3:36 am
Última actualización en:28 Febrero 2021 11:49 pm
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Of a day, a typical day nothing special until I meet a strange white man. He's damn good looking and he immediately starts talking shit, the next thing I know I'm at his place. We step in I am nervous, actually shaking! He sits down and makes me stand in front of him. Now he is talking some serious shit. He casually rubs his cock, I tell him it's time for me leave. He laughs telling that he knows I'm not going anywhere, he know I want his cock. He is rude calling names like whore and slut. I'm scared but he's right I really do want him. He unzips his pants and pulls out the most beautiful smooth huge rock hard cock I have ever seen. Now I'm really nervous this is so wrong, what am I doing here, I tell him I'm sorry I have go. He says "No cunt, you are going get your hands an knees and take what I give you, but first step closer he pops my shirt and bra open and manhandles my tits it begins hurt Itry back away he pulls back. Now he is nibbling and sucking so very hard, OMG it hurts so good. He says "now your hands and knees cunt" He grabs my ass, spreads my cheeks saying he knew along I was a slut with a greedy pussy that needed be fucked. Then I feel it and yell out, no prelims that man went straight in hard and deep. He starts fucking like a piston each stroke hard and deep it feels like like an hour has past. He has talked nonstop dirty nasty talk of the sudden i feel his body tense he yells out loud as his cock spasms and pumps his hot seed in . He collapses breathing hard and I feel his aftershocks. He sits back in his chair and says "I own that pussy now, I will call when I need it again, now get out!"
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Free pussy
Publicado en:26 Deciembre 2020 2:20 am
Última actualización en:13 Abril 2021 4:39 am
20033 vistas

Men, Would you do a fat old black woman? Clean pussy and you just bend her over, stick your dick in and get yourself off anyway you wanted? No more then that.
Yes in a heart beat and repeat often fill her up
Yes but only once with a condom
Never not in this life
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Final bucket
Publicado en:18 Deciembre 2020 4:07 am
Última actualización en:9 Febrero 2021 2:19 am
3934 vistas

To find that one horny man that will bend me over and fuck my pussy as often as he wants. He calls I come running no prelims he just bends me over and gets busy taking what he needs. He cares nothing about me it's all about his dick.I think one or 2 months of him giving me a happy well used pussy would be amazing. And yes, I can't help it, I just am fascinated by the thought of a white stranger's dick all up inside of me. And feeling him use me for his gratification and then wonders of wonders he lets me feel his orgasm, his hot seed pumping into me. Wow, I love the idea of this. Make me your fleshlight, your cumslut, your pussy, your slut, you know that thing you use anytime you wish. Not only do you keep a satisfied cock but, for the time that we do this you know deep in your heart your black pussy absolutely loves what you do.
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Bucket list
Publicado en:8 Deciembre 2020 12:04 am
Última actualización en:11 Enero 2021 11:31 am
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4. There is definitely a theme going here... a white stranger, the only things I know about him is his lust filled voice, his strength, his magnificent cock and how his cock makes my pussy happy. I only want one man to gift me the joy of fantasy fulfillment. I believe the first time he will be nervous and a little bit hesitant but after that he will totally understand how much my pussy loves his cock. Hopefully he will enjoy it so much that he will regularly take advantage of my willingness to receive whatever and however he desires to use my pussy. When he decides he has had enough and doesn't call anymore every white man I see, I will wonder if it was he that took such good care of my pussy turning it into a naughty sluts cunt.
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Bucket list
Publicado en:7 Deciembre 2020 11:08 am
Última actualización en:8 Mayo 2021 12:55 pm
4075 vistas

3. A little skinny white man sucks and nibbles my tits he is fully dressed. He rolls over, I hear his zipper then his pants dropping down around his ankles. He grabs my waist I feel his cock sliding in, yes just as I figured he has a lil dick. Then the next thing I know he gets aggressive and goes balls deep. OMG, I see stars, he has to be over 10 inches. He's like a piston, non stop. For the first time he talks "Oh yeah,you black cunt you're getting all this cock", he is talking so nasy ,I don't know if I can take it. Then I feel an orgasm coming on. He yells "yes slut, cum for me, make my dick harder and bigger" I cry out as my orgasm overwhelms me. I can't take anymore, but my lil piston doesn't stop. Here comes another orgasm just as it is winding down he yells out going deeper than ever, liquid heat burning my insides, I feel his aftershocks pumping in every last drop. He collapses and damn if I don't have another orgasm around his soften cock. He pulls out, pulls up his pants and leaves. And I have days of being able to touch myself and remember what he did for me. Totally worth it even if I did walk funny for a week.
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My bucket list
Publicado en:7 Deciembre 2020 1:44 am
Última actualización en:8 Mayo 2021 12:55 pm
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2. I get a hotel room have a few drinks pass out on the bed. I forgot to close the door completely. You come in you you touch my ass, I don't wake, you roll me over. Rub my tits pull them out of my clothes manhandle and give them a good sucking. You're rubing yourself and dry humping me. Then you decide you might as well fuck me. You position me just right ass up and you slide your cock in my pussy and hold it there enjoying the feeling of pussy surrounding your cock. Then you are fucking getting wilder and wilder. You're going balls deep until you explode with the most amazing orgasm. You catch your breath clean up and leave making sure the doorlocks. Did you hear a "thank you" as the door shut?
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My bucket list
Publicado en:6 Deciembre 2020 11:44 pm
Última actualización en:8 Mayo 2021 12:55 pm
3948 vistas

1. Standing in a crowd- bus or concert or similar place. I feel someone behind me pressing close, I know that dick is getting hard. He starts grinding on my ass. He slides my dress up, it's a full skirt s no one can tell what's going on. Damn if he isn't giving me the coc Its amazing then he starts shaking I feel that hot heat pumping into , I have work hard not yell out my orgasm my legs are weak he holds steady. I have just had an amazing experience and I never even seen his face. I go the restroom and before I clean up I touch my excited puss and orgasm again as I with a strangers hot jizz.
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The simple truth...
Publicado en:4 Septiembre 2020 4:54 am
Última actualización en:8 Mayo 2021 12:55 pm
5443 vistas

I'm a nice old woman who has spent her life being good. Never did naughty or wild things always played it safe. Well before I get too old to enjoy it I want to give my pussy to a stranger. I want to be his on call fleshligh. He just totally relaxes and uses my pussy as if he is alone and he makes it all about him. Maybe he has a girlfriend that he wants to nicely date and maybe one day be his wife. But, he really wants to fuck her. Well as he leaves her at her door with a goodnight kiss he calls his on call fleshligh. She meets him at jis house, he pulls her in, puts her on her hands and knees and rides the hell out of that pussy. He calms down after having a magnificent leg shaking, almost passed out orgasm, slaps her ass and she knows it's time to leave. His body is totally satiated, It's also kind of a thrill as he lays there thinking about how happy he made that strange woman's pussy she just loves his dick.
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My fantasy...
Publicado en:22 Agosto 2020 4:59 am
Última actualización en:8 Mayo 2021 12:55 pm
5727 vistas

I attend a conference, out of st I'm staying at a casino. So bored at the slots so I start drinking. Being sloshed I head for my room a hot, nice young man sees I look lost. He offers my room. I can't get the key work so he opens the door for , I thank him and start dropping my clothes, and fall into bed. I'm totally fucked , I dream of gentle hands my tits then my back and down my ass. My tits being softly sucked, the pressure gets harder wow, teeth nibbling what a good dream. Fingers my clit. I hear a growled "I'm going fuck you" I beg please please. A dick rubs my clit and I have a nice lil orgasm, I don't want wake this is so good. So wet the dick slides in, damn it feels big.why is my dream man talking just fuck now. Yes, now! He's still talking his dick being too big for women. I beg for it, he asks "balls deep" yes yes please. OMG never have I felt anything like that, I cry out so good. I'm being ridden hard by a stallion he yells as he gives me more than balls deep, bites my neck as his body shudders giving me every drop. I have a mind blowing orgasm and pass out. My alarm rings I go to the shower slowly I remember the dream. My body is telling me it wasn't a dream.
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I wouldn't...
Publicado en:25 Julio 2020 3:23 am
Última actualización en:25 Julio 2020 4:47 am
6249 vistas

...Date a white man, just my preference because we don't have a baseline of comparable life experiences draw and keep us together. But, the idea of having a hard white cock in is intoxicating as hell. To hear his voice as he grabs a hold of my hips so he can slide in. To hear him talk shit about how his cock feels and to feel his body tense and tighten as he works his cock to a fevered frenzy until the moment he goes balls deep and gives me all his naughty hot seed way into my uterus. I am not just thinking about , I also very much need my white cock man totally love being able to be all in my pussy exactly the way he wants and needs.
The idea of him marking his territory just like any alpha male animal. So totally primal, he knows he is the only cock for his newly marked cunt. After the first time he calls on his property regularly so she doesn't forget who owns the pussy. I go about my normal life secretly loving the feel of my pussy no one knows but me and the owner of my pussy what is deep in me happily swimming around. *sigh* I will be continually wet, eager and ready for my next call to duty.
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To find a man
Publicado en:26 Junio 2020 1:12 pm
Última actualización en:6 Deciembre 2020 3:55 pm
6908 vistas

Just enjoy . His hands on , feel the strength of a man's hands. feel his cock all up in side of working my pussy muscles. Allowing enjoy having that one thing that a cock and pussy were made for. But, please, no relationship, no loving. I don't want be a slut, lying, and faking pleasures with different men. Each time working hard please the man just so I can have a satisfied cunt. You have your life, I have mine. You just use my pussy whenever you feel the need give your cock a workout. Just bend over put your cock all up in there and work that bad boy. Naughty words I have heard sound nice such as, fuck hole, cock whore, cum dump, etc you and I go on with our lives everything normal. The only difference is we both have a wonderful secret, the area between our legs are in a constant state of happily sated contentment.
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